Time to move on!!!

Happy! Happy! Happy! No grudges, no hard feelings! And we all move on!

you are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the stars you have a right to be here

Lenten season is here and very soon this will be over again. I just watched the “Ten Commandments” last night for three hours in the youtube (signed out). I always watch it every year during the lenten season, followed by “Jesus of Nazareth” the movie, but I did not able to finish it last night because it was getting late and the movie is supposed to be six hours long. Anyway, I plan to watch it today April 8, 2019.

When I went to Jerusalem in 2013, I find myself to a lot of unexplainable experiences. My room was on the 13th floor of the Hotel. My room number was, I believe 1372 or 1327. I couldn’t remember much, but I know if you add up will sum up to 13. On the right corner as you enter the front door is a wall paint in red, on it hanging is an art painting with an intricate wooden frame. The art paint was weird. I kept looking at it all the time and I can’t figure out how can those dancing gowns be standing up without anybody wearing it. What is in the mind of the painter? The background paint was black but the main attraction was those dancing yellow gowns in circle with no one on it. There were nine yellow gowns in circle, and that’s all to it.

The room was cute, we got the queen size bed, a little family room in the corner where the painting was and a small balcony with a white long and thin shimmer curtain that would flow on a gentle wind. I always open the balcony door every night when we get in the room, I always like to sleep with that door open, I like that gentle wind coming in the room.

The next morning we head to the lobby for breakfast. Their hotel breakfast room was at the lobby. It was a beautiful hotel, they have a grand lobby. There were always some tour guide people in the lobby waiting for some tourists to negotiate for a day tour. Sometimes the tourists will bid, but you get what you bargain for. We had a decent one that we made a contract for five days to pick us up in the morning at a certain time and finished at 2pm. He would always dropped us by the plaza of the wailing wall in the afternoon, and we catch the bus at night to get to the hotel. We did good on the first day we catch the bus.

On the second time we catch the bus, it was a lot of people this time. We hurried to get in the bus and most are already in before we get in the bus. Most went to the back. What a surprise to us that there were two chairs in the front that was not occupied when we got on. I thought we were lucky. It was a set of 4 chairs facing each other. (two in two). Me, feeling lucky, grabbed those two chairs and sat on it reserving the other one for my husband. So, we both sat on to it. In front of us sitting were two rabbis, both wearing black suit, both kind of heavy stature, both with a long beard and black hats, a traditional hat that a rabbi would wear. I was sitting pretty, looking at the two rabbis, feeling privileged (imagine two chairs in front of the bus). The two rabbis were looking at each other, smiling, but in my gut I felt like they wanted to burst out laughing. I was a little annoyed and insecure at the same time. (what could be they’re thinking?)

Anyway, behind us was a group of young men standing near the door of that bus and they sounds like arguing, shouting, they were angry, like they were fighting with each other. Everybody was looking towards us, the whole bus. Most women are standing looking towards us, but I thought that they were looking at those young men arguing because these young men are really attracting attention. But I was thinking something different, I was thinking that, “why don’t those two rabbis stand up and offer their chairs to those women standing in the middle of the bus? You know be a gentlemen!” But I said, I’m just another dumb tourist!

The bus was very noisy because of those young men arguing, an older lady standing holding the bus pole were looking at me without blinking, her stare was piercing, trying to get my attention, and she did get my attention, as soon as I looked at her eyes, she motioned me with her hands to come to her, I looked around and I didn’t see no one responding to her and so I pointed to myself asking if she was calling me to come to her and she says “yes!,” she nod. Everybody was looking, I was embarrassed, I felt the heat on my face suddenly and so I rushed to her. I thought I must have been wearing my clothes inappropriately. As soon as I get to her, standing next to her she starts wagging her index finger and she whispers right at me and say, “you don’t sit right in front of the rabbis or sit beside the rabbis, they are holy men and so therefore women cannot sit beside them because we are considered dirty.” What was my reaction??? With my mouth open and my eyes as big as the owl, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I remained standing with the women for the rest of the ride. That was something different, a very unique culture that is hard to understand in the western world or even in our country the Philippines.

to be continued for part 2…………………………………



What a day to confront, those people who think that they are sinless! Trying to hide behind the rosary but in reality are not the real deal! But just another evil doers! Pooowey!

Welcome again, to my second blog. Again, I am back to writing and maybe this time, I should be more bold than ever before. We are in the end times and so we have to deal on people with no shame and that makes the cross upside down. In other words turning the truth the other way around, meaning LIARS!

I, as a woman, I cannot do what is not appropriate and what is not right to do to another woman like me, unless I am a WHORE! and I sleep around and probably get nude to a batallion of men, then, of course I have no respect of my own body and so I can peep to another woman like me with no feeling of shame, guilt or remorse. Simple logic.

I can see if you are still at a younger age and promiscuous to a lot of things, discovering things in life and venturing to different things in life. But if you are at a certain age and old enough to know what is right from wrong, especially if you think or believe in GOD, as a religious person? Unless it is all just a facade to hide behind the rosary and do the other way around. WHAT A SHAME!

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


Welcome to my new blog……….

A quick and simple conversation for now, just to try if this blog I made for myself, works the way I like it to be. Welcome  everyone, this is my very first blog in a long time.  A new blog to broaden my life’s adventure, understanding the surroundings and how this world works. Learn maybe through writing how to interact and understand every situation that we encounter the every day life.  WELCOME AND ENJOY READING.